Snake Creek Gap #2

Great trip up to Dalton for the second round of the Snake Creek Gap race. Bill, Mitch, and Josh made their way back for the 2nd round of the 3 race format. One more and they earn the treasured Snake Creek Gap belt buckle. I would have to say that it will be a well deserved reward, SCG may easily be the most challenging race and series we have done to date. Just google snake creek gap and watch a few YouTube videos if the trails most technical sections.

Here is a written expression of our weekend.

Once upon a time, three men traveled to a far far away place to ride just 34 miles on a legendary trail that goes by the name of Pinhotti. The weather was britterly frigid but they were warmed by the love of racing. Snow fell upon them for a majority of their epic journey. The men feast on chili and cobbler provided for the Snake Creek Gap warriors, for they were weary but encourage by the improved times under such challenging conditions.

I am posting this through google blogger app, so I am hoping to post some pictures below. If that doesn't work out, I will post later.

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